Thursday, January 14, 2016


I have arrived in Christchurch on the homeward leg now, so both my camera and myself are in wind-down mode. But here are a few last photos.

These are some of the water-lilies in the pond at the Cloud9 camping ground where I stayed, just north of Hokitika.

This morning I was up early for my drive back to Christchurch, and was surprised to catch sight of some weka.

I went to get my camera, and next minute a majestic Kotuku flew in and landed beside the pond. Breath-taking.

I didn't even try and take many photos of the mountains today: they are too immense for the camera.

Cloud hung low on the western side of Arthur's Pass, and then there was some light rain until Otira.

But from there on the skies were very clear, and the mountain views were beautiful. I just took this photo at Bealey's Bridge, not far after crossing the pass. I had gone from the Taramakau in the west, to the Waimakariri in the east.



  1. It's been a wonderful journey with you Margaret. Thank you 😊

    1. I've enjoyed it too. But tonight if I need the last loo, I needn't climb out of my tent!

  2. WOW I can't believe you got to see the Kotuku.... it is like MAGIC is attracted to you!

  3. I know, I could scarcely believe it myself. It was like a perfect end to an amazing holiday. The nice thing was, there was a Kiwi guy and his Canadian girlfriend also up early, so there was someone else around to be excited about it with!