Monday, March 31, 2008


Warmest congratulations to my sister "f", and my friend "Trish H" who have shown incredible daring and a sense of adventure by working out how to comment on my blog! These two have won an incredible reward. Yes, they will be receiving the very first postcards I send on my forthcoming trip over the oceans in a big bird!
Who knows what original piece of post-card art they will receive!

Hmmmm I have a longish wait in Auckland Airport. So maybe they will get a postcard of that great modern kiwi phallic symbol, the Sky Tower!
But wait, there's more. They might even get a second postcard of our close rellies in Singapore Zoo. I am sure they are both waiting with bated breath and an almost unbearable sense of anticipation to see just what their prize will be!!
Meanwhile, sister "m" and others.... I have yet to see you crack the blogging-comment barrier! Reply now, soon, before my postcard-budget is all spent!
(Yeah I know M-------n - don't give up my day job!)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Old West- Turitea -Greens -Kahuterawa Circuit

I fondly remember the first time I walked this circuit as I began 'serious' training for the Camino. It was all "new" then , but now the route has become a bit of an old friend. With less than three weeks now before I leave home, I donned my laden pack for a walk that I think is about 22km. I have seen lots of Camino photos where people, who are obviously making early morning starts, delight in taking a photo of their shadow. This wasn't such an early start, at 8am, but as the end of daylight saving has been delayed here this year, the sun hadn't long been up when I started. This is the only time in my life I will ever look skinny!
When I went to Craig Potton's lecture the other night, he talked about how he always had about 40 different obsessions on the go at once in his photography. So I no longer feel any guilt about announcing that I have an obsession with taking photos of rural letterboxes!
This lovely old house on Turitea Rd has always intrigued me. Usually I have passed by much earlier in the morning when it looks all closed up, and there has not been enough light on it for a photo. But this morning, a window was open and curtains were back.
This photo shows the 'high point' along Greens Rd, before you descend down to Kahuterawa Rd. I felt really nostalgic when I reached here today. It has always given me a thrill to arrive here to see the sudden view opening out across the plains to the ocean. And I am not sure whether I will stand here again before I leave home.

So, all in all it went pretty well carrying my pack. It was the necessary water bottles that made it feel slightly too heavy at the start. And as I drank their contents, and then ate my lunch, it all began to feel quite manageable...

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Nerines

Today I bring you The Nerines - band extraordinaire!- performing in the Square.
Here they are being introduced.
It was hard to get a shot of Taig, drumming away in the back there... but he has so much energy and produces exciting rhythms.
Hie brother Drew is the front-man, and has bundles of talent. I could be accused of godmotherly bias here... but I assure you... he has talent plus.

The Nerines have made a thing of pink. You gotta ask... whose dress-up bag had these treasures hidden in them?
Great afternoon concert guys.... I look forward to hearing the Nerines again. (Next time I will bring the video camera!)