Sunday, September 30, 2012

TP214: Grounded Pt 2

Happiness is...... another Sunday with sunshine to walk in.... Took my camera and have some more photos to share along the Grounded theme for the week's challenge for Thematic Photographic.

Some of the walkways in/near the city have this little 'walking feet' symbol on the signs, which seems very appropriate. I am certain my life is more grounded as a whole when I make sure I get out and about and walk.

The sunshine let me look out for grounded shadows, so here you see the 'fence and gate' shadows, and the 'fenceposts' reflections.

And here is the shadow from a tree yet to adopt its plumage of spring leaves.

 Again I was reminded how walking with a 'photo theme' in my head helps me notice different details. The ground at this bus stop is marked out so a blind person will know when they have reached it.

And just to finish, some completely 'non-grounded clouds seen while out walking. But they are not as 'irrelevant' as they might first appear... Rain is forecast for much of the coming week, so soon enough the contents will be forming a puddle somewhere instead  of dancing across the sky!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

delicate beauties of spring

Two years ago, when I was just starting to drive again after getting the plaster removed from my broken arm, I celebrated by going out and buying two blossom trees. This is the second spring I have had the joy of seeing them bloom, one before the other. This one is the paler pink of the two, so delicate.

And this afternoon I took a wee walk around the back garden and realised how many of the native trees have their unobtrusive small blossoms bursting forth as well.

Friday, September 28, 2012

TP 214: Grounded

This week's theme for Thematic Photographic is Grounded.

At this stage I just have two photos for this theme- though might add more later depending on what I get up to over the weekend!

 The cherry blossom trees at the Esplanade in Palmy look magnificent at present- and this little treasure had fallen to the ground from one of the trees.

Down on the Bridle Track beside the Manawatu River, there are a few sections where you can walk down onto stony areas at the river's edge. These stones were on one such edge- largely they are greywacke which is predominant in this area.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Springtime in Palmy

It's been an absolutely gorgeous spring weekend in Palmy- (not before time!!!) and I've enjoyed being out and about, walking and cycling.

The brilliance of this spring green lasts for such a short time really, and in the sunshine it looked just magnificent.

A school near my place has some beautiful spring trees including this one. What a joy to look out the window of your classroom and see this tree blossoming.

Downtown yesterday there was all sorts going on, with a small arts festival down George St way. As I was walking there I got distracted in the Square by some groups from IPC, the Japanese College, who are holding a spring festival next weekend. There were both traditional items, and more modern groups.

 The drumming group always draws a crowd and I love to listen to them and watch them.

This group seemed to do a Japanese version of break-dancing- men in black.

And I can't leave you without yet another blossom photo- this time from the Esplanade this morning. These blossoms look superb in the sunshine, and people walking under them were all happy and content.

Retro: TP 213

A blog I enjoy following is by a fellow Kiwi teacher, Alexia, and her blog has the lovely name 'dreaming of open seas'. Alexia often posts photos that have a weekly theme, and she links them with the weekly thematic challenges on a blog by Carmi- Written Inc.

I have often wondered about doing some of these challenges, but this weekend, finally, with the sun shining outside, I took the plunge for the theme "Retro". It was a bit hard to decide what "Retro" actually was: was it new things created in an old style, or could it also be 'old' things that took me back to my childhood? I decided on a 'looser' interpretation, and all these photos were taken en route during a walk downtown yesterday.

Firstly, here is something clearly 'new' that harks back to the old. I love these fabrics and these old styles. If only I was slim enough to wear them and look like this!

 A random collection outside a suburban antique store...

 A beautifully restored old villa. I love this soft colour scheme.

 Something that has endured- and this work-beaten specimen of a saw-horse even looks home-made.

I've learned from previous Saturday morning walks downtown that if I time it 'right', I can buy very yummy retro 'rock cakes' from the bakery where this old 'baker' still hangs out. I was 'just in time' to get my treat this Saturday: the lady was in the process of clearing away the last cakes for the weekend.

Friday, September 21, 2012

workplace colours

I can't post photos of people from my workplace on my blog- and mostly there is no indication on this blog that I even have a job ;-) But I took a few 'colour' photos this week that I thought I would share....

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Down by the riverside with iPad

Something new today- I am using my new iPad for this post. These photos were taken with it, and I am publishing using the Blogger App.
Not sure how to place the photos, but we'll see what happens when I hit Publish!

Blossoms downtown

Cherry blossoms are out all over the place in Palmy at present. Here are a selection from 'downtown'.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


After days of windy, wet, cold weather, I arrived home today in sunshine and calm- though the skies were still black and threatening in parts. Decided to go for a walk- a rarity lately- and was rewarded with the sight of a huge rainbow, with the double clearly visible too, stretching large across a huge expanse of sky. Sing it sister, hallelujah!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

sunset 2

With the strange stormy/ threatening-stormy weather we are having lately, there have been some interesting skies. Last night the sunset was another beautiful one.

Thursday, September 06, 2012


Sunset was beautiful tonight in the skies above my place. But the forecast is for strong winds, and the colours somehow conveyed both beauty and threat...

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Playing around

Putting off heading out into the garden, I have been 'playing around' with a free collage App. Here are some of the Esplanade in Spring photos as a collage:

Saturday, September 01, 2012


I love visiting the Esplanade in Palmy: there's always something new in bloom, and people to watch, whatever the season. At present there are lots of magnolia trees and rhododendron bushes giving colour, and the cherry blossoms are poised on the edge of a massive spring break-out.

Here are just a few bits and pieces from a walk this morning, in the Esplanade and along the river track.

There's a section of the Esplanade with mainly native trees, and this kawakawa, Macropiper excelsum, was showing forth its flowers.

Someone was making their sentiments about the state of the river water plain. Shame about the spelling. (Can you tell I am a teacher?!)

Many people were out and about in the spring sunshine, both in the Esplanade, and along the adjacent river walk.

It's funny how you can notice something you never noticed before, though you have walked/cycled  past many times before. Today I saw this Scouting structure- which presumably can be used as a seat...

 In the Esplanade gardens, the sunlight caught these leaves, just ready to spring forth for the new season.

The hot-house always has some different treats in store: at present, its orchids are stealing the limelight.

Nearby at the Lagoon the mating season is getting along in earnest. Soon there will be lots of little ducklings to see.

En route home, I took a quick look at the Square, where this kowhai tree by the fountains is looking magnificent. What a pleasant shady spot someone has found.