Wednesday, September 30, 2015

On the road- to Taupo

I decided it was time for a school holiday roadie, and today I came to Taupo, via back country Rangitikei.

A friend has moved onto a farm in the 'wops' - back country Manawatu/Rangitikei. It was a long, winding climb up a gravel road to reach her place. And what superb views she has from where she lives, way up high above the river far below. It was a treat, as a New Zealander, to go to such a beautiful, hidden part of the country.

And back down at the bottom of the hills is this NZ special- a one-way bridge.

I rejoined SH1 and headed for the Desert Rd. It was a little cloudy, but there were still some magnificent volcano views.

Mt Ruapehu above, and Mt Ngauruhoe below- both with cloud hats today...

Finally I arrived at Taupo, and from my motel I just had to cross the road to sit beside the lake. Taupo looked so very peaceful today, which always makes it hard to remember it is a caldera born of especially violent eruptions.

This evening I went to De Brett's thermal pools to relax. And I certainly do feel relaxed after that warm mineral soak. So, from Taupo, it's a goodnight from me...