Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A very wet day in the Gorge!

Just a few days after that perfect sunshine-y day at the weekend, today was quite a different day in the Gorge. I put on my new raincoat, my Goretex walking shoes, and took my walking poles. It was wet and muddy and I loved it.

My new raincoat kept me gloriously dry as it rained the whole way up the hill to the statue. My goretex shoes- which I don't wear often as I fear they might become too warm- kept my socks dry even when I sloshed deliberately in some puddles! And the walking poles helped me to avoid slipping over in the muddy sections. (Truly, I was just a big kid again...)

Here are a few photos from a wetter walk. The wee 'waterfall' at the beginning/end of the walk is barely even there during a typical dry summer.

Saturday, May 05, 2018

Autumn in the Esplanade- again...

I guess I really am one for seeing the seasons progress.... so here are some more autumn pics from the Esplanade.
I went on a very similar walk to last weekend, but from the other direction. It was just over 3km- so as I suspected/knew, for some reason Strava didn't record my whole walk last weekend. I know it's a free app and all that- but I think it used to be more reliable in the past than it is presently.

 There are still roses blooming in the rose gardens, and various other blooms in the Esplanade gardens.
 I love the Peter Black Conservatory- whatever the season there seem to be some surprises to see indoors. It isn't a huge conservatory, but it has some fascinating plants.
 And outdoors there were lots of signs of autumn. It was a dull day, but the autumn leaves still brought colour.

 Across the river, some bare trees are already announcing winter is near...

Near the end of my walk, I noticed this sign. Strangely enough, I had never noticed it before...

Sunday, April 29, 2018

More autumn

Another autumn walk, taking in more of the river path this time. There wasn't any sunlight for the photos- but in another week (or two) I am aware the leaves might be mostly gone from some of these trees. The day didn't look all that inviting from my bedroom, but it was actually warm enough, and the rain didn't happen. (Maybe if I hadn't taken my raincoat it would have poured down...

(Strava still doesn't seem quite right at present. My pace in the first km was slower than that, but also I walked further along the river track, then returned, before I headed up stairs to the carpark by the train shed. Not sure why that bit doesn't even show. I am pretty sure I walked more like 3km.)

 The piles are in place for the new cycle/walkway over the river onto a path that will eventually go as far as Linton.

 Soon the cherry trees will be bare until spring time arrives again...

Footnote: After this walk I had a special event to go to- a workshop for World Dance Day- organised by Tania Kopytko with an Indian Dance teacher, and a Nepali dancer. So interesting, and such a lovely group to be part of for two hours. But I was tuckered out in the evening!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Autumn in the Esplanade

Yesterday was very windy, but today has been beautifully sunny and calm- perfect for a Sunday afternoon stroll in the Esplanade with my camera. It was interesting to find out how far I typically walk when I wander there- Strava tells me 1.73km - as I had no idea.

It was autumn photos I took today: the deciduous trees were very colourful.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Getting in the Groove

I have booked to walk the Milford Sound route in December and it is a great incentive to 'up' my fitness level. This blog is intended to be a 'mainly private' account of my 'training'.

During winter I expect to walk tracks near the city, and maybe do a few 'stair' climbs. Then come spring I will get more into steeper tracks like up to Rangiwahia Hut and more longer distance walking.

So here are three recent walks I recorded on Strava.

First one was a loop from the bridge and along part of Turitea Walkway, before exiting to Springdale Grove and heading downhill again.

These three photos are from this walk.

Next walk was a morning half hour stretching of the legs in my suburb, and around Memorial Park. (No photos this time.)

Today's walk was along the eastern end of the Manawatu River Pathway.

It was windy up on the stopbank, but relatively protected along the path itself.

Here are some photos from along the way.

Hopefully it won't be too long before this blog has more posts - probably quite brief...

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Walking in town

This poor forlorn neglected blog. You could blame my renewed interest in genealogy- that takes up time... But now I am starting a renewed fitness splurge as I am going to be walking the Milford Track in December -ages away I know, but I want to enjoy the serious hill climb day then!

First step in the fitness plan is just to increase the amount of walking I do around town. When spring rolls around I will have to be fit enough to make the Rangiwahia Hut walk easily...

I know I have used photos from all these local walks before- but every walk has different weather, lighting, times of day and seasons, and so I hope I don't repeat myself too much. The sunlight just has to fall in a certain way, and you notice something quite different even on a very familiar walk.

So here is today's loop on some of the Turitea/Summerhill walkways. I parked by the bridge as my starting point.

It was a 5.6km stretch, with a few ups and downs.
Here are some photos from along the way.
Nearing the university- this seat seems to have left its old home and been abandoned...
 The first set of stairs to climb. There is a Very Serious set of stairs near here, that Serious Fitness Fanatics like to climb. Hmmm, I might have to adopt their practice in a few months.
 I am always fascinated by this powerline tower- and how it changes its looks depending on the sky.
 I took a glimpse off the track to the farmland, but no animals are here today.
These trees seem to stand guard over the pathway to the distant hills. Next time I walk here I wonder if they will be bare for winter.
 I walked a short section along the road- saw some interesting old gates.
 And I passed this early blooming camellia- with delicate flowers.
When I cut across a reserve to find the walking track down Summerhill, I was looking for this comfy seat to rest on. As I get older I appreciate them more!
This particular seat was a memorial one for a woman who would have fought to make the place I was in more accessible for us all.
 Once I was back downhill there was a spot beside the path that has been cleared for housing I think. (Not sure I would want to live so close to a river that might flood but oh well...)
 My walk nearly finished, I had time to enjoy the view from the bridge, and to enjoy the shadows cast by the gentle autumn sunlight.
Nearly back to my car, I saw another of these stormwater draincovers. I love this series that someone designed.
So, that's today's walk... tomorrow's will be gentler as I go out to collect some signs of autumn for my classroom.