Friday, January 08, 2016

Farewell to Pounawea

Fondly I said goodbye early this morning to Pounawea, the place where I have been woken three mornings by the raucous dawn chorus, where tui are so fat and healthy they swoop past sounding like kereru.

Pounawea, you have totally beguiled my heart. I had already fallen in love with the campgrounds at Collingwood (estuary), Rakaia Gorge (river) and Hampden (beach), but you and your wide estuary have trumped them all.

Perhaps you should have thrown the rigours of a southern roaring forties gale at my tent before I left, to make parting easier!



  1. OMG look at the reflection of that sky in the glassy water! Perfection! I can understand your hearts desire Margaret!

  2. So happy you had such a wonderful time here. This is a place very dear to my heart! There is a quiet, calm, peace about the place.....

    1. Yes, a peace I hope to take with me into the new working year!