Sunday, February 24, 2008

Old Photos

A cousin just gave me some lovely old family photos. So I was looking up some other photos and came across this one, taken about 1967. All I can say is, I am not the tallest one anymore!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Country Roads

I think you could say I quite like my summertime work-life balance! This morning was a gorgeous sunny calm morning. I climbed on my bicycle at a respectable hour (ie when most other people were already at work) and cycled out into the countryside to deliver my relieving details to a school where I know several teachers.

You can see that I had a nice easy ride... we are talking flat floodplains in this direction. You can also see how dry the countryside is: it has been a warm, dry summer that we townies have loved, but that is not so easy for farmers.
The hills in the background... that's the direction I walk in when I want my hill walking practice. But today.... a nice gentle bike ride was a greaaat way to spend a couple of hours!

UPDATE: And just to make you all the more envious - I have just spent a couple of relaxed hours in the armchair, looking at the Lonely Planet book for Paris that I got out of the local library, working out what I might do on my three (jetlagged) days in Paris. My list is already too long for three days of course!
And just to make you less envious. Tonight I loaded up my pack. The pile on the bed did not look very big, but it weighs a ton. Tomorrow morning I plan a 3-4 hour hilly walk with said pack on my back. Guess who will be finding some items 'non-essential' after the walk!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Swimming kills me!

I have the audacity to think I am getting fitter. I can walk for 5-6 hours without feeling too much tiredness (though my feet are usually really glad to shed their shoes and hot socks at the end.) And I am not nearly so cumbersome as I was when climbing hills. I have noticed I can cycle quite far just enjoying the scenery, without it feeling like too much effort. (I still walk up the steep hills!)

But swimming provides a reality check. I have been swimming a few times lately in the outdoor pool at the Lido. And I love it. The sun is shining down, and I am immersed in the water, with little cooler currents every so often. And I swim for 40-60 minutes.... just really slow lane swimming... 'cos I simply do not know what fast swimming is..... and I love every minute of it.

But.... when I get home... phew.... I feel exhausted! Swimming makes me feel like I have run a marathon.
Well, that is what I imagine anyhow... not ever having run a marathon.... and never ever ever intending to run a marathon..... or even a half marathon... there is a sister who can do that on my behalf.....

Anyhow.... now that I have actually been to a few schools to tell them I can do day relieving until my departure... I need to stop blogging and get myself to bed. Who knows when that inconsiderate phone will ring at some ungodly hour with some actual work to do!!!!