Monday, October 19, 2009

A cycling expedition for KiwiNomad

We had a marvellous start to spring, but things have deteriorated: we have all been suffering 'cabin fever' with the rainfall, wind, cold, even sleet in the city.... Plus last week I was revising for my genetics exam. My body was screaming for exercise.
But today the sunshine finally reappeared, without the wind. I had planned to go to an aquaerobics class, but my bicycle started calling my name... I cycled off down Napier Rd where there was ample evidence of recent rainfall- and a 'river' where one doesn't usually run...
Today the 'windmills' were in plain view on the Tararuas. We have been acquiring more and more of these industrial monstrosities over recent years. And at present, Mighty River Power is arguing to put even more up, with many of its turbines planned to be in our Turitea Reserve where the local water supply is sourced. There is a David-Goliath battle on to try and stop these beasts. Enough is more than enough: our ridge lines have been defaced already.I turned off down Te Matai Rd, peaceful in the sunshine. But this is yet another area where environmental madness threatens. Some of the best remaining horticultural soil left near the city lies here, and there has been talk of taking land for a bridge here, as well as building houses. It floods here people, that's why it's so fertile...... let's leave it for the farmers to plough in the springtime, and put in the next lot of crops....

Finally, I headed off along the Bridle Track down by the river. I hadn't been here for ages, as last time I came I got a puncture! I was surprised to see how much fresh erosion there had been in some places. The little picnic table where I used to sit down for a break is now 'off-limits'.
It was about a 20km round trip, welcome exercise on a lovely sunny morning. But I have to confess that in the last few kilometres I could feel it in my muscles. There was a time this cycle ride would have been easy, but fitness now needs to be re-built!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

a curious cat

Finally, my Massey essay was done and the sun was shining- so I went visiting a friends' farm with my new dslr in hand for a bit more practice. Their cat seemed rather curious about my endeavours.....

..... and kept appearing around different corners...... Did the cat know I was a novice? I have lost some of my initial trepidation about using the camera....but still have a lot to learn before I feel I am in control of the camera, rather than randomly receiving its automatic offerings!