Monday, January 04, 2016

Peninsula Route

After the morning's coastal journey to the north, I was ready to tackle the peninsula journey east. Anne had said this side of the harbour got more sun, and it was certainly more populated than the Port Chalmers side we visited yesterday.

First off I needed to get some sustenance for lunch, and I visited a cafe in Macandrew Bay.

You will have to visit here Anne- I had the most delicious Moroccan Pumpkin soup ever, with garlic bread.

I took a photo of it, and a lady at the next table started whispering, and I am sure she was commenting that I was one of those people who instagrammed my food. Well, no, hardly ever! But in this case I wanted to recommend this to my deluxe Dunner Stunner tour guide!

I traveled all the way down the peninsula, and was really taken by all the little boat sheds perched over the water.

This yellow one was bigger than most, as it belonged to a yacht group.

This little green-painted one was a favourite.

In fact I never got to stay and visit the albatross colony, as the parking area was chokka. I guess 1pm was a popular time. From the nearest spot I could pull over for a while though, I saw a few albatross soaring overhead.

Another feature I love about Dunedin is all the public paintings, especially on bus stops. This is one of the plainer ones on the peninsula route, but I couldn't often pull over. Many had penguins or other wildlife pictured.


There was a shag resting on the wooden piles at the end of this shed, and another shag was diving for fish not far away in the harbour.

When I reached town again, I headed for the Outdoor Salt Pools at the end of the St Clair Esplanade. I really enjoyed a swim in the 28C water, though an attendant told me it is not quite so warm on the days that waves crash in over the edges from the sea. It was all kept spotlessly clean, and I really recommend a swim there if you are in town.

I thought I had worked out how to reach a supermarket from the pool, but predictably I got lost, so here is a photo of some South Dunedin cottages.

And one last bonus shot from the day, taken when I finally did find the supermarket: old gasworks just over the fence.

It's now 6pm and I've been sitting outside in the sunshine in the deckchair by my tent. I had to put more sunblock on, and find the sunhat I had discarded yesterday. Yesterday I was wrapped in multiple layers of clothing against the icy cold wind. Oh Dunedin, how quickly you change!



  1. Love the wee boat sheds Margaret and the old cottages. The simple things of life that give so much pleasure. Looks like a wonderful day again :)

    1. Has warmed up from yesterday which is grand! Heading to Catlins tomorrow.

  2. WOW Margaret, I am loving seeing your photos and reading your posts! I LOVE the drive down the Portobello Road... so many gorgeous sites! There are some wonderful geocaches down there too for another trip down!!!
    Great seeing you this morning!

  3. You are having quite the wonderful journey! That soup looks wonderful! If the lady next to you thought you were instagramming your lunch, imagine what she would think of all the food photos I took on our trip to France! There is an ad for I forget what product on t.v. with a woman taking photos of her meal and by the time she is ready to eat her hubby has finished his meal! Oh dear is that me??