Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Taranaki Daytrip

This poor blog has been quite neglected- but I am finally reporting here about a daytrip I made up to Taranaki some weeks back now- mainly so I can show off Mt Egmont, that wondrous volcano that dominated my childhood landscapes. (You wonder how I could walk a Camino? I became quite beguiled as a child with landscapes outdoors- who wouldn't be living under such a mountain?!)
It was a bit of a tiki-tour down memory lane. Here is the headstone of my parents, with the mountain behind.
And here is St Joseph's Church, where I remember singing in Latin in the choir loft with my father when I was 5. Apparently the choir loft is now 'dangerous' and they are raising funds to repair it.)
Here is Arohanui posing outside my old primary school. (Arohanui was going to have a post all her own about this trip, but it seems a little bit too much time has gone by since the adventure now!)
This is a beautiful statue of Our Lady in St Joseph's Church, New Plymouth.

And now we return to the mountain. Here is Arohanui posing in front a view near New Plymouth, just to prove she's been there, done that, doesn't need the guidebook!

And now my beautiful Mt Egmont, complete with lush fertile grass growth in front, befitting such a wet spring.And here is a slightly closer version: yes, I was experimenting with the telephoto lens on my new camera.