Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A very wet day in the Gorge!

Just a few days after that perfect sunshine-y day at the weekend, today was quite a different day in the Gorge. I put on my new raincoat, my Goretex walking shoes, and took my walking poles. It was wet and muddy and I loved it.

My new raincoat kept me gloriously dry as it rained the whole way up the hill to the statue. My goretex shoes- which I don't wear often as I fear they might become too warm- kept my socks dry even when I sloshed deliberately in some puddles! And the walking poles helped me to avoid slipping over in the muddy sections. (Truly, I was just a big kid again...)

Here are a few photos from a wetter walk. The wee 'waterfall' at the beginning/end of the walk is barely even there during a typical dry summer.