Saturday, May 20, 2017

Town and Around

We've had three weeks back at school since I returned from the South Island- and there has been ample weekend sunshine to go walking around town. Here are some random shots from my local wanderings.
 Near the Plaza this old facade has been retained- a touch of old amongst the new.
 As autumn leaves changed we experienced surprisingly warm temperatures. This photo was taken in the Square one warm Saturday morning.

 This sculpture is on a roundabout near the Square,

 and this work by Paul Dibble is a temporary 'placemaking' work nearby at the Zimmerman Gallery.

 One Saturday morning the shadows on part of the Library building took my eye.

The calendula flowers were blooming near the Convention Centre with its new blue wall. I love the drama of this colour - more inspiring than the grey it had before.

Today was the Little Cuba Festival - which actually seemed to be mostly in George St... I liked seeing a few pompoms dotted around- these were by the Youth Space on Coleman Mall.

 This corner of the Council Buildings always intrigues me and catches my eye.

 Everytime I notice one of this series of stormwater draincovers, I thank the person who thought of them and designed them.

Seating in the Square.- As I get older, I love seats dotted in public spaces ;-) I think I should devote a blog post to them one day!

It was cold outside this morning- a perfect day to have brunch at Joseph St Kitchen. This is what I will do the weekend after I turn 60 in three months time- have Saturday morning brunch at JSK :-)

Mostly I have been a 'homebody' since the end of my SI holiday- but I did take a trip down to Himatangi Beach one Sunday evening- just in time to enjoy the sunset.

Autumn in Palmerston North

Finally after a summer where the sun was miserly with its shine, we entered an autumn where the days seemed almost endlessly warm. Some parts of the country experienced severe storms/flooding, but in Palmy we seemed protected from the worst they wrought.  Permit to indulge myself in a taste of our autumn via this not-so-nomadic blog post.

 in the Esplanade
 at Memorial Park
  at Memorial Park
  at Memorial Park
  in the Esplanade
  in the Esplanade
The photos above and below were taken in different directions,
within seconds of each other, on the Railway Land. 
The intense black never led to rain this time in the city...

outside at Joseph St Kitchen

down Victoria St

God is Compassion

Photo taken in Murchison, summer 2015/6

Beauty in Nature

Photo taken by Rakaia Gorge Camping ground, summer 2015/6

More photos?

Hmmmm Michèle these thoughts are for you. I liked BlogPress when I used it in the holidays a few weeks back, but it seems like Google has disabled the way it uses Sign in now. Maybe the developer will update it? Not sure...

Meanwhile I have gone back to Blog Touch Pro and it seems like I can insert photos again -sort of. I can only choose from the photos I imported last night - not from all the ones I synced from my computer. But maybe I will discover that I am doing something wrong...

Blog test 2

Blog Test 2

Can I insert photos in Notes?

Yes. But how does sizing work?

 I will email this to Blog 

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Heading north again

All too quickly it was time for an autumnal drive north again.
 I had a late lunch break at this cafe in historic Reefton.
 And again I enjoyed a stay in a cabin at Riverview Camp in Murchison, now with an autumnal tinge on some trees by the river bank.
 I breakfasted by Lake Rotoiti not long after sunrise...
 ... and enjoyed watching the eels under the jetty without a whole gaggle of other tourists :-)
 In Picton I had time to relax by the foreshore, and as it was Anzac Day, I saw the newly laid wreaths at the cenotaph.

 Before too long it was time to board the ferry home.
 My little car was right at the far end of the ferry, past the last trucks- but at least it was calm!

 We headed into Tory Channel...
 ...and soon were leaving the South Island behind. Soon after this photo I spied several small whales in the water! Someone else said he thought they were killer whales, and I guess they probably were, but I wondered if they were pilot whales as I never noticed the black and white. But I certainly saw them spouting and jumping before they disappeared into the Sounds and we entered the Strait proper.
The sun was setting as we got closer to our berth, and it seemed to be a busy time overhead for planes going to Wellington airport.

A walk near the Styx

Another set of friends live near the River Styx in Christchurch. The weather was calm and sunny when I walked on a path there, on the best kind of autumn day. There were lots of reflections in the water.

This was a memorial to a woman who had done much to restore the Styx to its more natural state.