Tuesday, December 29, 2015


My paternal great-grandparents came from Ireland and Scotland to settle in the Charing Cross, Burnham, Kirwee area. I'd visited before, but it was time to reacquaint myself. First I approached Charing Cross via Kirwee. They had a very large block of land on the intersection with Anson's Rd. I wasn't sure exactly how far up Anson's Rd the land went, but every time there was a gap in the huge hedge I took a photo. I was glad to see some sheep in a field, as I know they had sheep. The land is very arid, and also very flat. It is so flat and featureless that it is hard to believe the first of the large Canterbury quakes was centred not far from here.

Next I drove to Darfield to the Catholic Church cemetery, where a group of four ancestors are buried.

And at the Darfield cenotaph, I paid my respects to my great-uncle who died in France in WW1. A lot of work has been done to make the area around the cenotaph look more attractive since I was last here.

Before I left Darfield I had a wee picnic under the shade of a tree, in a park next to the 4Square. Then it as bye bye to the ancestors, and on with the exploring.



  1. Gosh it is sooooo dry Margaret already..... you must be feeling a little emotional...well I would be! The cemetery is beautifully kept which is great to see eh? Sure your great-uncle is very proud of his great-niece. Go you :)

    1. Yes very dry.mit all relies on these big irrigation schemes, even dairying is here. Not sure it is sustainable. The cemetery has all been tidied up beautifully, and the cenotaph especially.

  2. Cool. I was looking forward to seeing these - knew you'd stop in!