Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Darfield to Rakaia Gorge

From Darfield I took the Inland Scenic Route, 72. It passes through several interesting wee villages and Glentunnel was one of these places that obviously had a very busy time in earlier days of settlement. It had this beautiful little public library building.

And the plaque by the old stables told about the mining past.

I had thought I might do a walk here, but it was across private land, and had a closed sign on it.

I next took a side-road up to Lake Coleridge and saw the power station with all the intake pipes.


My next place to explore was Rakaia Gorge, and when I arrived I decided I would check out the campground. And oh what a view I have for the night!

There were a few people swimming, but the water was way too icy cold for my North Island sensibilities! A paddle on the edge was as close as I got!
There were two bridges, and this one was built a long time back.

There was a walkway which gave some other views from on high.

And you see the wide bend the river took before going more narrowly through the gorge.

Back in the campground I am enjoying the view as the shadows gradually fall on the river. Night all. I think I will be able to do some stargazing this evening from my tent...



  1. Love those stables and the "wee" library - and great shots over the Rakaia gorge! I love how the South Island is so different to us.....as I get older I appreciate more every day how damned lucky we are to live here. Hope you get to Mt Cook in time today Margaret because I know you will have some great shots for us. Drive safe x

  2. It is enticing to see the beautiful views from the paths and from your campsite. Last night Jean-Claude asked me where I would go if I alone decided on our next adventure vacation. Guess what I said!

  3. Michèle I will be putting moe photos later on Flickr. Heidy, I know. I feel so thankful with all I am seeing!