Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ferry trip

It was very calm in the inner harbour, and not too much swell even in Cook Strait, but the wind was fierce. I love being outside on the decks, but you certainly needed a wind jacket out there today!

I got a 'reverse' look from last weekend at these pointy conical rocks in Wellington.

I always love seeing the raised shelves of the landforms on the eastern side of the harbour, though I prefer not to think about the scale of the earth movements that brought them about!

This lighthouse, (Pencarrow?) looks more like a memorial until you use the zoom lens. Then you realise people cycle there: might be a Good place to check out one day!

With all the wind blowing up moisture, there were lovely rainbows near the bow.

This is a view near the southern end of the North Island.

Remarkably quickly we reached the South Island, entering the Marlborough Sounds.

People crowded the decks to see the beauty of it all.

Tonight my little tent is having its first outing of the summer at Picton Top 10 camping ground, a lovely peaceful place. Lots of birds singing their evening chorus in the bushes near me as I write (and my first lot of sand flies circling for blood too!

I had a quick walk down by the Picton waterfront, and tomorrow I am off to Collingwood via St Arnaud.

Pleasant dreams y'all from Picton!


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  1. Right now I am so envious of all the beauty, of all the quiet tranquility of nature you are enjoying....great idea of your Missy! Keep enjoying whilst we all rush around like idiots! haha x