Saturday, May 13, 2006

Il pleut sans cesse

Cahors is an absolutely gorgeous place and I love it. Wonderful old buildings all over the place and scenery that is the wilder part of Fracne, not the tame part. But this morning it is raining hard and at 11.30 I am hiding in an internet cafe. Hmm need to change my jeans but don't want both pairs wet. Funny thing my guidebook says this is a "sunny southern backwater". But all the locals were well dressed in raincoats and with sturdy umbrellas at the wonderful Saturday morning market outside the Cathedral.
I was going to catch the bus to a pretty village in the Lot Valley just after 1pm, but maybe that has become something to do tomorrow.....


  1. Hope it doesn't rain for your cycling trips. It's getting cool here now - we've lit the fire a few days...
    How's your French going? I am assuming most don't speak english out of major tourist areas?

  2. My French is going OK....lets me get hotel rooms and buy train tickets and have sort of convos sometimes. It is amazing sometimes who will start speaking some English to you when you try French. It's fun!
    The day after all the rain in Cahors it turned out really hot!