Monday, May 08, 2006

Lourdes Kiwi Day

Yesterday turned out to be a very special day. I went to the huge International Mass for Sunday in the underground basilica which was packed. It was very beautifully done, eg four different priests read the gospel in four different languages, plus they had some other languages scrolling by on the big screen.
The end of the Mass arrived and people were dispersing when I noticed what looked like a New Zealand flag on somebody's backpack. Sure enough, a young man from Hamilton, B, so we chatted as we left. Turned out B was meeting a priest and I ended up meeting him too. The invitation was soon made to join them for lunch. We bought baguettes etc and sat on a park bench, eating and chatting. Great convo in Kiwi anglais.
A bit later in the afternoon I met up with B again and we went to the Blessed Sacrament procession and Benediction together. He then went to a last Mass before leaving Lourdes and I joined him later for little things like buying food, and he bought little water bottles that he then filled, before a last visit to the Grotto to place a prayer petition.
It was a very special day on my travels, full of Kiwi talk! Thanks guys!

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