Wednesday, May 24, 2006

In Orleans

Back in Orleans and ready to go!
After the stormy weather of the last few days I decided it was better to take the train again to get to Orleans rather than take several days getting to the Loire. The ride of 13km or so back to the RER station of Saint Rémy les Chevreuse was lovely. More downhills than up this time, and I suspect I had a tail wind, and the scenery was just as beautiful. It was great to see how well the bike handled fully laden, which had been my biggest concern. Bit more traffic on the road between 8 and 9 but all of it very courteous. Had help from a "real" cyclist to get onto the train with the bike: he was off for ten days of long, steep riding! But I fully intend to keep mine as relaxed as possible! This train compartment was much better fitted out for bikes than the one I hit last week.

The "relaxation" hit a hitch this afternoon when I unexpectedly found that the camping ground 3km from town by the river does not open until 1 July! Am able to stay in the cheap hotel I was in last week though, so that is good: they have an enclosed courtyard. Tomorrow I will move onto a village ground that did open in April!

Not sure when you will get the next entry as I don't how how much rural Internet access I will come across. Until then....

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