Thursday, May 18, 2006

Getting organised!

Well, I am nearly half organised! I am opposite a bus stop waiting for a bus to where my friend lives, in a more rural area on the outskirts of Paris. And the Internet happened to be in a wee shop here.
Today I am taking my large backpack to my friend's. Tomorrow I am getting up very early to return to Orleans to get the bike. All going well with the timing I can take it on one of the trains you can take bikes on to Paris; then I will be early enough to get it on the RER during the allowed non-rush hour hours....; then I only have about ten km to bike to my friend's. This is better than the other plan that meant I was going to have to bike 30 km in an unknown rural area starting just after 5pm.
Next few days I will enjoy seeing my friend again and before long I will be organised and off on some proper cycling. What to take and what to leave out of the paniers! The advernture is about to begin. May the summer weather be kind and the punctures be non-existent on my new Gitane touring bike!

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