Thursday, May 18, 2006

reality hits

Had my bicycle paniers in the bedroom with me last night. And like with all new endeavours, I had some anxious lack of sleep. What if I get a puncture in the middle of nowhere? A:My experience of the French so far is definitely that someone would help me. I don't know where the camping grounds are. A; Tourist Office is very good and gave me several pamphlets today. Is there a train I can take so I don't need to go all the way to Monique's on my first ride? A: Yes a friendly railway man confirmed. Doesn't leave until late afternoon but should make 30 km ride well before dark. And so it goes. Easy to forget how privileged I am that I can buy a brand new bike and tent and do this. And how I am not tending to tired or teenaged children etc.
However, this evening when I ring Monique I should find out how to get to her place and can hopefully get there tomorrow. Then maybe back here Friday to collect the bike and paniers and take them a large part of the way by train. Will be good to get that first ride under my belt!

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