Thursday, May 25, 2006


Today I started cycling "for real" and finally got out of Orleans! Luckily I went to the cycle shop to get the seat adjusted and to get the cycle computer reset as I mucked it up! - and the lady there told me about the cycle routes on the other side of the Loire so I didn't need to take a busy road. Great to take the cycle route to clear the city, though it was a bit removed from villages and lonely in places so I will take small roads for preference.
It was a 30km ride from Orleans and I have to admit it was wind-assisted! I have an awful feeling though that the wind may blow upstream as its prevailing direction so I will have some headwinds before long!
I am in a superb camping ground here in Chateauneuf-sur-Loire, right on the banks of the river. I was made incredibly welcome on arrival, I think especially so as I had arrived by bike! A New Zealand passport also impressed a bit. My tent looks out straight onto the Loire. I have taken a few photos of "as seen from my bedroom" and added the tent view to the collection! It is so nice here in the camping ground that I will use this as a base for a few day trips without luggage on the bike! Tomorrow is a public holiday here for the feast of the Ascension and it looks like there are a few things happening here in town.

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