Monday, May 01, 2006

From Arles to Montpellier

Yesterday afternoon when I got back from the Camargue I just took a wander in Arles to see what I could see, and the answer was lots in the Square by the Hotel de Ville. There was a Provencal display in the nearby hall for the holiday weekend, and some traditional dancers in costume, and musicians with traditional instruments accompanying them did their thing in the square. Then there were two weddings. The first one the people were of North African origin and the cars were all tooting loudly. The bride wore white with a big train but was well covered right up the neck etc. The next bride had to wait outside until the first one had finished, getting photos etc taken. She also wore white and had a long train, but had much lower cut front and back. The nearby church had white roses organised on all the front pews and altar and potentially this was the bride's next stop. (Though I guess there might have been yet another bride if I had hung around.)
This morning I set aside to do the van Gogh walk I got from the Tourist Office. The Mistral was blowing especially coldly so I had my windstopper jacket firmly zipped up! The walk really showed the variety of things that Vincent chose to paint; and in each case you could still some some part of the old scene in the modern setting. I am not a great painting connoisseur, but Vincent always somehow inspires me.
I took a quick look around the Arlatan Museum. Good time to go at the end of my trip as I recognised the various aspects of traditional clothing and belief etc I had seen in actual life in my days in the area.
Then I arrived in the City Hall Square again, drawn there by the sound of a flautist playing. I rested there in a bit of sun until it was time to make tracks for the Gare and my trip to Montpellier.
Montpellier is a real student city and the sun was shining warmly without the Mistral so my jacket is off! Staying in a hostel in a renovated old building. Liked the privacy of the wee friendly hotel I was in in Arles, but it will be good to have some more company now my cold is firmly on its last legs (finally!)
Catch you later. Time to explore a bit more before Montpellier cools off for the evening.

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