Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Harihari to Jackson's Bay

Today had one huge highlight- my visit to the White Heron Sanctuary on a tour leaving from Whataroa. We left by minivan, transferred to a jetboat for a 20 minute ride, then had a 500m walk through rainforest to a hide from which you could view the breeding sanctuary. The birds are only here en masses for breeding, then spread out to various places across the country the rest of the year. At this stage most pairs have bred just one chick to a rather large size, but as the season has been wet and late, some birds are still sitting on eggs.

I think the best way to show this is simply with a pile of photos!

The feathery plumes are on the adult breeding birds, male and female.
This bird is sitting on a nest. 
This pair greeted each other profusely. 
This raucous chick was wanting food.
This bird was turning its eggs.

I haven't had much internet the last couple of days so only heard more bad weather was coming when the heron tour was over. I decided my West Coast time is coming to an end then, and I will go east in search of more sunshine. I drove as far south as Haast, where the sky looked a bit clearer than it had up near the glaciers. I am staying in my tent at Haast Beach Motor Camp along with many others who will be hoping the night is not too wet! (At present it is very calm!)

I had one last adventure for the day- I drove down to the end of the road at Jackson's Bay- and was delighted to find I could buy a fresh fish dinner there! Yum!


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  1. Wow - turning her eggs!! Nature is truly amazing! And Margaret - the best ever fish in the South is Blue Cod - don't come back without a meal of that and thank you so much for your beautiful photos! Keep enjoying :)