Friday, January 06, 2017

Cromwell to Naseby

This morning it soon became obvious the southerly was moving through, and shoes and socks were needed. I left Cromwell via the road towards Dunedin, and stopped at the memorial plaque for the two miners who first discovered gold on a bend in the river at this point.
When I reached Clyde I diverted off the highway and first looked at the Clyde hydroelectric dam and power station. 
Next I continued into the town and was amazed by all the beautiful historic buildings in the main street. 

This is the Catholic Church. There are beautiful roses planted along the path to the front door. 
The blue skies behind the monument belie the fact the wind was bitterly cold!
I saw a pile of people ready to take off on the Otago Rail Trail and other rides from the historic Clyde station. Gave me some ideas...
When I left Clyde to head towards Naseby, I was amazed by how many historic buildings were along the roadside. 

This one at Wedderburn was particularly lovely.
There were views of the ranges with snow on them that explained the cold!
And this is summer!

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