Friday, January 06, 2017

Haast to Cromwell

As I lay me down to sleep last night I knew the calm weather couldn't last, and as you might expect for Haast, about midnight the rain started, and it was pretty constant. But again my tent kept me dry! Finally I decided it was time to get up and pack my tent up despite the rain, so with raincoat on, I got on with it!

Last year I stopped off on the Haast Rd often for the views and the walks along the way. I didn't do that today but saw lots of unexpected waterfalls.
However once I was over the other side, there were gaps in the grey and the weather looked more promising. This was an early view of Lake Wanaka.

And Lake Hawea when It appeared, looked even more beautiful.

I knew there would be a lot more people around the lakes, but the traffic into Wanaka still came as a shock! But I found a park by the lakeside not too far from town, and got out my deck chair and watched all the people pass by. 
In the water there were water-skiers, paddle-boarders, kayakers, and a jet-ski that seemed to come close to shore too quickly. Many cyclists rode past. I can understand why people holiday here. I lay my wet tent out on the grass in front of me and there was enough warmth and sunlight to mostly dry it out.

I decided to leave Wanaka via the Crown Range Road. I was a bit apprehensive at the steep winding route, but in summer and with dry conditions it was fine. And the views coming down towards the Queenstown side were spectacular.

I am now all set up in the Cromwell camping ground, and am looking forward to seeing a friend in Naseby tomorrow.

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