Friday, January 06, 2017

Walking Naseby

In Naseby I visited a friend, and after lunch we embarked out on a walk around the town. Wearing my woolly hat I marked myself out as a foreigner!
There were so many historic buildings here too, in original condition. 

The Athenaeum had a reading room open, with a copy of the day's newspaper, and a local library behind.
The old Post Office had local information pamphlets, and various items for sale. I bought a Size 1-2 baby girl's dress, not because I know a baby that age at present, but because I fell in love with that little dress!
There were lots of cute cottages around...
This place has cold winters, and has an outside curling rink. But for now a whole lot of families were using the indoor rink. Fascinating to watch.
Next we headed uphill to the cemetery, which had many historic headstones, as well as some for more recent residents. There were a few Chinese headstones from the gold mining era.
While we were at the cemetery there was a small amount of hail fell. Coming back we had clear views of the ranges with snow on...
Tonight, in due deference to the cold, I am staying in a historic Naseby hotel instead of my tent (though the camping ground here did look lovely!)

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