Saturday, December 31, 2016


First there are some Greymouth photos with the blue skies of yesterday afternoon.





I finished the day with another sunset on South Beach- very peaceful.


This morning was a day when everyone knew it was a waiting time for the rain to arrive- but I still managed a morning of exploration.
After a family visit to Karoro cemetery I found the new Catholic Church. I thought it was a very successful use of the old with the new.

Then I was off on a journey along the Blackball road.

First I spent some time at the site of the Brunner Mine, and NZ's biggest mining disaster. They got all the bodies out. Later I passed a turn-off to Pike River and understood more of the families' angst that their family bodies remain in the mine.

Next I viewed the Blackball Hilton- Formerly. 
I returned to Nelson Creek and did a few walking tracks, seeing lots of evidence that miners had looked so actively for gold here.


As I sat down to eat my lunch, the promised rain arrived. So I returned to the camping ground, and have got both my laundry and my blog posts done... Now I am just wondering if the torrential rain promised for tonight will come to pass, and how my tent will cope!


  1. I love them all! That wee church is beautiful - and the it is still good to see some of that old architecture being well maintained! Thanks for this journey!

  2. The church is reasonably big - I just didn't show the right angle...

  3. You are such a good determined camper! Did you not think about tenting it along the Camino?