Friday, January 06, 2017

Dansey's Pass

Yesterday I drove across Dansey's Pass, leaving from Naseby and emerging out the Waitaki end. It's amazing what you can do sometimes when you are blissfully ignorant. For a good ten km the road is so narrow it is basically one way, with steep drop offs on the left where I was supposed to be driving. Once on the narrow route, you can't turn around anywhere! I lived on adrenalin as I drove very slowly, hoping around every blind bend I wasn't going to meet another vehicle! However, it was a spectacular route, and having emerged safely at the Waitaki end, I am very glad to have experienced it- once!

Where there was a little ledge to pull over I did take photos, and I will just give you a selection of them.
This is the only vehicle going the same way that I met.
 Finally I made it down to Duntroon, then I visited the Elephant Rocks.
And I stayed the night at a Riverside camping place not far north of Hampden Beach. It was very peaceful there and I would have stayed another day reading in my deck chair- except- thunderstorms are forecast. Summer, summer, where art thou?!

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  1. Back country nz. Thanks for some wonderful views. Hope summer arrives soon