Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Summer at the Esplanade

We just had two drought-breaking days of rain, but the weather today is beautiful again. I worked in the garden for the morning (amazing I know!) then headed off to the Lido for an afternoon swim, and followed it with a short walk in the Esplanade. Here are a few of the treasures I saw there.

 The sunlight looked so delicate on this dahlia.

 And here you can see a monarch perched on a dahlia. Last week I saw a monarch on a different dahlia and put the photo on my 365/365 blog. But I didn't want to put another monarch-on-dahlia shot on that blog, so you are getting to see this here instead of there!

 It was nearing 3pm when I was in the Esplanade, and the light was too harsh for many shots. So I took a quick look in the Conservatory, always a place that holds interesting surprises in the flower line. Here are just two of the precious flowers in there today.

 I loved the way the 'starburst' of this flower caught the light.

And just to show you that people really do exist in my world - though I mostly keep them out of my blog- here is the Esplanade train passing by. I love it when I have children staying/visiting and have an excuse to go on this wonderful little train- one of Palmy's best kept secrets!

(For those of you following my blog, the dates might be getting confusing. I might 'manipulate' the dates of my 'away' holiday postings soon so they follow in the order the holiday happened in!)


  1. I can never remember seeing Monarchs outside our windows before, but they seem to have had an exceptional breeding season as I am seeing them every day. I have seen a few desperately flying with a bird in pursuit.

  2. There seem to be rather a large number of them flitting around the dahlias at the Esplanade this year. Maybe they are enjoying the warmth we have had this summer.