Saturday, January 01, 2011

1: NYD-Kaikoura

Seagull drinking from puddle in carpark at Seal Colony, Kaikoura

I started the New Year morning by spending a couple of hours dawdling around the rock pools by the Seal Colony in Kaikoura. The tide was out and the rock pools were exposed, though only a few seals were around. I took many photographs of algae such as Neptune's Necklace, Hormosira banksii. But in the end I chose to put up this photo of a seagull. At Kaikoura, these seemed to be easy to photograph as they were so tame, very used to humans, who no doubt provided easy pickings for their daily diet.

Taken 9:08am 1.01.2011;     Canon PowerShot SX20 IS
Shutter: 1/500      Aperture: f/5.7      Focal length: 100mm      ISO: 200


  1. Seagull? SEAGULL??? That's a Red-billed Gull :-)

  2. lol I knew I could count on you for the right name :-)