Tuesday, January 25, 2011

25: Dahlia in the sunlight

dahlia in the sunlight

After two days of rain, the sunshine emerged brightly again today, reminding us quickly of the glories of summertime. By the time I picked up my camera mid-afternoon, after a refreshing swim at the Lido, the sunlight was quite harsh for many photos. But it caught the petals of this dahlia quite delicately.

(I took another shot of a 'monarch on a dahlia' today, but didn't want to 'repeat' last week's subject too soon on this 365 blog. If you want to see it, you can check it out on my Kiwi Nomad blog instead.)


  1. Michèle, I just saw a news broadcast with the weather in your part of the world....sooooooo cold!!!

  2. I have just caught up on your last week's pictures. Wonderful variety and imagination Kiwi!

  3. It's been fun. Summer while I am on holiday is easy enough. Winter while working will pose more challenges!

  4. Well it has been very cold, but today is better and tomorrow we will be above -10 Celsius so I am going snowshoeing by the river. Will take some pictures.


  5. Good.... I want to see pictures. That kind of cold is beyond my comprehension!!