Thursday, January 13, 2011

13: Back home again

Juvenile tui on flax bush in the backyard

The reality of trying to take a photo 365/365 hits home now that I am 'home', away from some of the dramatic landscapes that were my holiday fodder! But this young tui visited the flax bush in my backyard today to provide a 'home' photo. I saw tui visiting two weeks ago before I left for my holiday, but didn't expect them back as the flax flowers have now mostly turned into sturdy seed pods. The bird's background is provided by some of my holiday laundry on the washing line!

Taken 2.49pm 13.01.2011; Canon PowerShot SX20 IS
Shutter: 1/200     Aperture: f/5   Focal length: 62.49mm    ISO: 400


  1. You didn't hang the washing out with your camera round your neck I hope.

    Extreme 365-ing!

  2. lol nope the washing had been out for hours before the tui arrived. I get a view of it across my deck.

  3. Oh, how lovely, they are still there - so good to see.

  4. Mostly seed pods on the flax now so I doubt the tuis will be back on there much more.... did see one yesterday morning though.