Sunday, January 09, 2011

The road to Wainui

After some shopping and a late breakfast in Akaroa- oh what a wonderful tourist I can be sometimes!- I began the journey back to Christchurch, with a diversion via Wainui.

 Near Duvauchelle were these boatsheds- which I always find picturesque.

And in Duvauchelle itself, yet another older brick building that had suffered damage in the big Darfield earthquake.

I was soon to be very glad I had decided to take a diversion via Wainui Bay. En route there was this spectacular view of the heads of the Akaroa Harbour.

Another revelation on the way home was this 'peninsula' view. I had been mystified by a wood-cutting print made by a Dutch artist in Le Bons Bay, Saskia van Voorn, as her print of two 'islands' seemed to be reversed from the view of two islands I had seen near Okains Bay. Now I could see the place her print was representing.... I hadn't seen this view previously, as I had taken a different route onto Banks Peninsula.

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