Sunday, October 31, 2010

Route 52- Genealogy

The route I had chosen for my tiki-tour- down Route 52 in the Hawke's Bay/ Tararua region- is still quite isolated, and must certainly have posed challenges for the first European settlers. I passed several places where modern descendants have paid homage to their pioneer ancestors.

This plaque on the church at Porangahau acknowledges Mary Ann Barratt-Foote.

And in the Porangahau church graveyard is this headstone for the Green family ancestors, hailing from Tollard Royal Wiltshire and Fontmell Magna Dorset in England.

 On the gate of the Porangahau church, is this plaque acknowledging the Lambert ancestors.

When I moved down to Herbertville, it became obvious how the village got its name, with this beachside plaque to the family ancestors.


  1. now I've gotta start saving to come down under!! Your pics are beautiful, and the plaques so bittersweet! Absolutely lovely post.

  2. Karin, I guess those of us who descend from European settlers know our coming wasn't so very long ago, and it went with a 'leaving' -often as an escape from poverty and perhaps slums. When I was in Ireland in 2006 I stood on the hill above the harbour where so many Irish departed from, never to return to the land of their birth, and it felt an awfully bittersweet place for me to be.