Sunday, October 24, 2010

Babies at the Lagoon

A fortnight ago I was at the Lagoon, and saw a few ducklings, and a coot on a nest. Today I needed a wee break from my exam study, and headed back there for another look-see.

 There were ducklings galore, of varied kinds and sizes!

 (One dear mother duck was even trying to keep eleven youngsters all in one place at the same time!) 
I wondered whether I would see the coot that I had seen sitting on a nest last time.

 I suspect indeed that this was the one, or its partner. There seemed to be a 'family group' with two parents and three young ones.

The adults were both very active, diving underneath the water repeatedly.

They came up with aquatic plants all over them, and then fed the young.

I wasn't sure quite what they were feeding them. Maybe when my exam is over I can look it up.... Meanwhile, back to the books... enough with these lovely distractions......


  1. While we have coots in our local lake, I have never noticed them with chicks. Better take a walk and have a look. The cygnets are always fun to watch.

  2. First time I had ever seen them Andrew, but I was looking for them since I knew I had seen the nest there a fortnight ago.

  3. Just awesome fotos Margaret! Lovely fresh spring shots full of hope! Cheers:)

  4. Gorgeous photos, Margaret! I've enjoyed them very much, particularly as we say goodbye for another summer and head into our long Canadian winter!

  5. Yes, I am always aware of my Canadian friends doing the opposite!

  6. It is quite nippy today, especially the windchill! Don't want to go out at all!


  7. Love the pics, those fluffy yellow heads are very sweet ;)

  8. On the coots, yes, they are amazing. I honestly don't think I have ever noticed them before!