Monday, October 25, 2010

Cordyline australis

Well, my exam for 'Flora of NZ' looms at the end of the week, so of necessity I am largely confined indoors on this public holiday. But hanging out the laundry this morning in the backyard, I noticed a prominent display of NZ flora- the endemic Cordyline australis - the native 'cabbage tree'- is coming well into bloom...... gorgeous against a blue sky!


  1. Ahhhh!
    I've read of Cabbage Trees but haven't actually connected the name to these before .
    And good luck with your exam!

  2. Thanks Jayne. The neighbour had a whole line of these at the back of her property when we were kids so I grew up with them. I love the look of them- especially when they flower!
    Hope things are well with you and your Dad.

  3. Ah, cabbage trees, I remember them well!

  4. Truly exotic looking to my North American eyes ! And lovely too!

  5. is that what they are? I have 4 of them in my front yard