Sunday, October 31, 2010


Second beach for the day was Herbertville, and here is the first view I had of it from the township, with yet another 'rural' building. I wouldn't mind a house in this spot myself......

And now I will just share three 'log' views along this beach.

 I loved the colours in the sky, threatening rain that never quite arrived.

And this branch frames another headland of the erosion-prone sedimentary rock on this coast.

And finally, it allows a different view of the ocean.

Both these beaches might see me back for another visit in the summertime....


  1. Ok..I'm packing...right now! Well mentally at least! Fantastic photos, and light like I've hardly ever seen in a pic! Great job Kiwi!

  2. Karin, I will probably be packing myself to spend a day or two there in the summer hols! Our light here in New Zealand does have a special intensity to it: not sure of the reason- maybe surrounded by so much ocean with the cold of Antarctica below- but don't know....