Friday, June 23, 2006

Our Lady of the Trinity

Today our really good weather has returned. I woke to see the sunshine sparkling on the Loire and the day is just getting hotter. Sorry to all the Kiwis, especially those in the North Island: I have just read about all the snow etc!
Today I am having a quiet day exploring a bit more of Blois. I went to a church this morning that I recommend to everyone who visits this town, Notre Dame de la Trinite. It is a bit out of the centre, but it stands out when you are on the other side of the river. It was built in the 30s, and it has not been often in France (or Italy) where I have been in a place with a fairly modern church. This one is impressive. It is coated with Loire pebbles. The outside is quite simple and straight. Inside the decoration with modern religious art kept me gazing for quite some time. The large stained glass windows fill the space like medieval ones. Smaller windows give more modern messages. The Stations of the Cross and some other episodes from the Gospels are wrought large on the walls underneath in 3D. There is a hgie mosaic above the altar, and there are tapestries. A lot to look at and think about.
Last night I sat on the riverbank and watched the sunset again. My time on the Loire with the bicycle is coming to and end, but it has been a time close to the natural world I have really enjoyed. There are some large photographs of the Loire exhibited outdoors here in Blois at present. I find I can easily identify with the moods portrayed in each photo. I really have seen quite a lot of the Loire!


  1. Congrats! You have done so well. I've loved reading about the trip, esp. now Brent is away on course.
    It might be hard to give up the bike after it's been so good. I didn't read of any punctures or problems...

  2. No punctures so far.... and basically two rides left now until I am back at my friend's near Paris, so touch wood. Absolutely no problems with the bike so far: it is superb and so much better than my bike at home! Only problem was the pervert I came across on Day 1 who really scared me and nearly made me give up there and then. Fortunately all experiences since have been much more positive.
    I know I will wish I could get out into the countryside in Ireland on a bike, but basically I have decided it is probably too far between camping grounds for me there, that it might rain a lot, and that it could be too hilly. All of those things could be wrong but we shall see!