Sunday, June 04, 2006

Montrichard on the Cher

Today I have arrived in Montrichard on the River Cher, and I am glad to report that summer has also arrived!
I am getting a lot more confident on the bike everyday and feel fitter. The 1cm to 1km maps are my guidebooks and I have enjoyed working out some lovely routes using them.
From Beaugency I went to Bracieux which is very handy to the chateaux of both Chambord and Cheverny. The camping ground at Bracieux was twice the price of others I have stayed at but I thought the toilets etc were comparable to what I have had elsewhere. The extra cost is for the summer facilities like the pool which is not open yet! The whole area around there is very well organised for cycle tourists and there is a map accompanying various itineraries which take cyclists onto safe quiet roads and some special cycle tracks. They have been well thought out and cover a variety of landscapes and pass through villages etc. Lots of Dutch people are in the area at present with bikes on the back of their camper vans, taking day trips. Also some large organised groups taking advantage of good cycling country. It was a bit of a shock to arrive in bus-tourist land at Chambord after quite a few days of wending my way through villages and country landscapes.
Brilliant weather here today and hope it continues!

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