Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I would have to say that I like the feel of Angers after a day. I might explore more yet, but not today: - it is 29 degrees and humid. I visited the tapestry that everyone has to see here: the Apocalypse Tapestry in the fortress/castle, that dates back to the fourteenth century and is quite remarkable, even for a non-expert. 106 metres in length. Then I went to see some more modern tapestry, in the Musée Jean Lurçat. He has done a modern version of the apocalypse and it has very scary sections with the threat of nuclear war etc. Very powerful to look at. Both worth a day to visit Angers for.
And now I will hop on the train and return to the more rural experience I have been having the last few weeks, back to the camping ground at St-Maturin-sur-Loire, complete with some new cream to help with mosquito bites!


  1. Hi Kiwi! I'm still following your progress (jsut had a litle catch up session). Bon courage - keep on truckin'

  2. Actually the Loire is a great place to see birds _ not that I usually know what they are!