Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Back in Beaugency

On Saturday I decided it was time to say goodbye to the population of earwigs near my tent in the camping ground near Blois and I headed back to Beaugency, and from here I will take the train back to Paris on Wednesday.
I mostly followed the 'Loire a velo' route. The part of the track passing out of the Chateau area was clearly marked, and even had a route signposted that is not on the latest map I have got. There is a lot of development going on to make this a good place for cyclists to come, and even this year's maps may not have all the routes marked. The route closer to Beaugency is 'provisional' and some of it is a bit rough, but no doubt it will soon improve. The whole day's cycling was good though, past lots of attractive countryside again, and close to the river in places. It is all a bit 'bittersweet' as I know I am near the end of this section of my trip.
I had a route planned out for Sunday, but for once the weather intervened. The rain was pouring down! I stayed in my tent watching it. When the bells rang out at 10.30 across the river for Mass I decided to go. (I love the sound of European bells.) Then I returned to hide in my tent again and the rain did reduce to drizzle. Later in the afternoon I ventured out with a lovely English couple in a tent near me to watch the soccer game, England vs Ecuador, in a bar. Luckily for the mood of the afternoon, Beckham scored a great goal and England came out winners 1-0. Not being a huge follower of soccer, my entertainment mainly lay in watching the reactions of bar patrons to events on the screen!
Today I have caught the train into Orleans, mainly to use the internet! The weather has improved and I hope to do my "last route" tomorrow before catching Wednesday's train. Then onto St Malo for Jersey. I was thinking about fitting in Lisieux en route, but the trains are a bit complicated. Maybe when I return from Ireland...


  1. Fascinating, as usual. I never knew they had earwigs in France!The same creepy, brown little beetles that invade my house each summer? I thought they looked French. Maybe if I cursed at them in French, the earwigs would leave me alone. English curse words don't seem to bother them at all.

    Keep up the great blogging!

  2. Hi Kiwi! Great story you tell! I think earwigs are pretty ubiquitous, they can get transported round the worled with vegetables. Keep going, how much longer have you got?

    I'm just back from Arctic Lapland and have Blogged my trip.

  3. I happened to be on the internet cafe as your comment arrived! I heard you were in Lapland. Must have been amazing!

    I went to the airline today to book my return. I get back to NZ in just over two months now. Leave for jersey tomorrow then onto Ireland.

    The earwigs at Blois were more numerous than in most places though!