Thursday, June 22, 2006


Blois is a shock to the system after the peace of the last few days! The traffic seems a little crazed and the place is gearing up for a music festival. Two big stages have been erected within sight of one another and they seem to be practising different types of music, and one of the stages especially has a huge array of speakers: I think I am glad that the camping ground is several kilometres out of town on the riverbank, but maybe we will even hear the sounds from there! There seems to be quite a student population here so I dare say they will thrive on the noise.
I had a delicious lunch here with kind service of the sort that is mostly normal in France. Then I climbed uphill to the Cathedral. It has a large crypt underneath and signs of some earlier buildings. Such a long history.
I then tried to access my e-mail but Yahoo seems to be down so I am returning to the camping ground bereft of my usual comfort of e-mail! Ahhh but the temperature is a little lower today so I have bought some chocolate instead. A nice elderly Dutch couple were setting up next to me in the camping ground. This really does seem to be Dutch month in the Loire!

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