Monday, June 19, 2006

A wee thunderstorm!

Today has been a 'jour de conge' again. Got up earlyish -(some balloons were being launched near the camping ground and their gas thrusting was!) Then headed off to the local laundromat so I could render some semblance of cleanliness to my clothes, some of which are now stained beyond redemption and will be turfed in Singapore before I return home to a cooler springtime. Then I went to the local church for Mass and was given a translation of the readings in English which was a lovely touch. Then I bought a sandwich and sat beside the Loire under a shady tree to eat it. Decided to return to the camping ground for a siesta and only just made it before a thunderstorm struck. Well sort of a thunderstorm. I am sure that France can have some amazing thunderstorms as in various churches where they have a history of the building, it has not been unusual to read about some major damage in some century of other caused via a thunderstorm. However, today's storm was not in that class. Within ten minutes the rain had stopped and it was hotter than ever. So now I am hiding in an air-conditioned internet cafe all over again!
Plan to move on to Chaumont or Candy-sur-Beauvron tomorrow and spend some more time exploring in the chateau area, if not inside the chateaux themselves!

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