Sunday, November 04, 2012

TP219: Somewhat worse for wear

Carmi's theme for this week is "Somewhat worse for wear". It took me a while to think about what to depict, as I didn't want to put something on here that was just old and sad looking...

It's possible all my readers will think this cushion is somewhat old and sad- but for me it is a most treasured possession. When I was about nine years old we got to do some craft at school, over a period of about ten weeks. The girls got to make a cushion with cross-stitch and the boys got taught how to knit a jersey! It took many weeks to do all the cross-stitch for the front of this cushion.

Then my mother found a piece of fabric I absolutely loved for the back of it. It was a delicate light green and I thought it was really pretty. She sewed it onto the front I'd made, and then made an inner with stuffing. I was in heaven with my precious finished cushion!

 As you can see, the material on the back of the cushion is now very much 'worse for wear'. I have thought about replacing the back, and tidying it all up. But then I decided quite firmly against doing that: the way it is, it holds very special memories of my mother.

And just to finish off- from the garden this afternoon when the sun finally emerged a little- here is a 'somewhat worse for wear' spider web on some 'somewhat worse for wear' flax leaves. They look as if they were made for each other...


  1. Excellent interpretation of the theme Margaret! Very personal, tells me a lot about you as a person that I like!


  2. I totally understand your love for that cushion...I too have some childhood things that I cannot part with.

  3. What a great idea for this theme! I have been so busy this week (we're moving house on Saturday) that I haven't gone looking for something to post... I'm really enjoying looking at everyone else's photos, though.

  4. Michèle- meeting you on the Camino told me a lot about you as a person as well! Ifthethunder- I have just a few things from back then, but they are indeed all precious. I even have my First Communion veil despite the fact I don't go to church very often at all... Alexia, hope the move goes smoothly and you get fine weather!