Sunday, November 25, 2012

TP 222: rectangular

This week Carmi has set 'rectangular' as the theme for Thematic Photographic 222. And I've just spent a weekend up in central Auckland where there was a feast of rectangular sights to see.

I arrived in the city late morning and had time for a 'walkabout' before check-in at my hotel. I headed towards the waterfront area, then from there headed towards Victoria Park, before settling into my bedroom for the night on the 13th floor. Along the way these were a few of the rectangles I spied.

 Window frames maybe a standard shape, but the reflections they hold can vary in unexpected ways.

Down in the Wynyard Quarter was this walkway. You could climb up, climb down, walk along under.... I don't know if it ever had any other purpose, but the Wynyard area was like that- industrial but being made over to human-friendly.

With rectangles on my mind, I spied these 'seats'. At least I think they are meant to be used as seats.... industrial fragments meet the imagination down this part of the waterfront.

 As I headed back away from the water I passed many marine shops- and some 'wasteland'. Not sure what these were here for, but someone will know.

 One of the buildings was painted in stripes...

 What I love about looking up at city windows, is that so often 'straight' rectangles hold the most bizarrely disorganised reflections.

 This was the view from the tiny balcony on my abode for the night. I liked the variety of buildings- so many sizes and shapes of rectangles.

And this morning when I woke, there was a different quality in the light reflected on nearby buildings. This shot included reflected parts of St Patrick's Cathedral just up the hill. Again, the straight rectangular windows held reflections in such fragmented ways.

I've more Auckland photos I want to share. I'll be back later in the week...


  1. What imagination you have! I love the bricks and the cathedral reflected in the mirrored windows of the building! Thanks


    1. Having this theme in the back of my mind helped me 'see' all sorts of things I might not have otherwise in the city Michèle!

  2. Win! Win! Winner! What awesome photos for Carmi's theme this week! Of course I just envy and adore your first photo with the reflections in most favorite kind of photos! Very cool!

    1. Thanks Karen. I was in an unfamiliar city, and highrises are quite a gift for seeing rectangles...

  3. I also especially like the 'reflections' photos - lovely captures.

    1. It was a bit of fun Alexia- luckily it was good weather!