Sunday, November 04, 2012

Birds at the Lagoon

Down at the Lagoon here in Palmy, there are still quite a lot of signs of spring. Even on a gloomy, slightly drizzly day, there was plenty to see...

 The lawns near the lagoon were thick with lush growth and many daisies, 
and the ducks of various kinds were mostly choosing land over water while I was there.

 And though the skies were grey, exquisite little feathers by the water's edge were like jewels.

 I was hoping I wasn't too late to see some very young coots with their very cute head colouring.

 I discovered there was even a coot still on a nest, so I will have to come back to see the chicks soon...

 And this family of swans with their cygnets was actively feeding. The parent swans dived deep into the water, and the young ones were able to feed on what was brought closer to the surface.