Sunday, September 30, 2012

TP214: Grounded Pt 2

Happiness is...... another Sunday with sunshine to walk in.... Took my camera and have some more photos to share along the Grounded theme for the week's challenge for Thematic Photographic.

Some of the walkways in/near the city have this little 'walking feet' symbol on the signs, which seems very appropriate. I am certain my life is more grounded as a whole when I make sure I get out and about and walk.

The sunshine let me look out for grounded shadows, so here you see the 'fence and gate' shadows, and the 'fenceposts' reflections.

And here is the shadow from a tree yet to adopt its plumage of spring leaves.

 Again I was reminded how walking with a 'photo theme' in my head helps me notice different details. The ground at this bus stop is marked out so a blind person will know when they have reached it.

And just to finish, some completely 'non-grounded clouds seen while out walking. But they are not as 'irrelevant' as they might first appear... Rain is forecast for much of the coming week, so soon enough the contents will be forming a puddle somewhere instead  of dancing across the sky!


  1. The walking feet symbol is terrific. Walking is so good for you.

    1. Yep- best exercise for all of us.... Though watching the clouds go by in the sky and imagining what the shapes make- like a kid again- also rates highly!

  2. I love the symbology and thoughtfulness put into the public infrastructure. It shows someone cared to think about the different people who would use it.

    I'm so glad you're enjoying the themes. You're absolutely right: it's so much fun to head out with a camera when you have a theme already in mind. It tends to color and shape the experience of being out there. I'll keep the themes coming...I'm so glad you've joined in!

    1. There has indeed been a lot of thought put into the walkways in my city, so lots of people can use them. There are quite a few different footbridges that always remind me of those who built them- and that make parts of the paths so much more accessible. Margaret