Saturday, September 29, 2012

delicate beauties of spring

Two years ago, when I was just starting to drive again after getting the plaster removed from my broken arm, I celebrated by going out and buying two blossom trees. This is the second spring I have had the joy of seeing them bloom, one before the other. This one is the paler pink of the two, so delicate.

And this afternoon I took a wee walk around the back garden and realised how many of the native trees have their unobtrusive small blossoms bursting forth as well.


  1. Gorgeous! You must have a great backyard, full of blooms in the next couple of months!


    1. I have an awful backyard Michèle- I am an absolutely shocking gardener. But I like looking at other people's gardens. The thought has occurred to me that if I see my garden as a 'photographic assignment' over summer, I might be inspired to tidy it up and make it more interesting!