Friday, September 21, 2012

workplace colours

I can't post photos of people from my workplace on my blog- and mostly there is no indication on this blog that I even have a job ;-) But I took a few 'colour' photos this week that I thought I would share....


  1. We know where you work and we are coming to stalk you. Is that a windmill for pumping water or for generating electricity? It is at your workplace?

  2. Hahahahaha yeah right! The windmill powers something or other in a garden area. To be honest, it went up while I was away and I am not totally sure of its function! But I thought the grey windmill looked pretty cool against the grey sky!

  3. Lovely bright young colours! And yes, that's a cool windmill.

  4. I don't remember such vibrant colours when I was a kid in our clothes, shoes or toys. How wonderful it is to see such bright colours!


    1. It is indeed Michèle, though I am not sure how they make these colours. They remind me of sunshine though!