Sunday, September 23, 2012

Springtime in Palmy

It's been an absolutely gorgeous spring weekend in Palmy- (not before time!!!) and I've enjoyed being out and about, walking and cycling.

The brilliance of this spring green lasts for such a short time really, and in the sunshine it looked just magnificent.

A school near my place has some beautiful spring trees including this one. What a joy to look out the window of your classroom and see this tree blossoming.

Downtown yesterday there was all sorts going on, with a small arts festival down George St way. As I was walking there I got distracted in the Square by some groups from IPC, the Japanese College, who are holding a spring festival next weekend. There were both traditional items, and more modern groups.

 The drumming group always draws a crowd and I love to listen to them and watch them.

This group seemed to do a Japanese version of break-dancing- men in black.

And I can't leave you without yet another blossom photo- this time from the Esplanade this morning. These blossoms look superb in the sunshine, and people walking under them were all happy and content.


  1. Great photos KN. I saw your comment on Alexia's blog and followed you here.

    1. Thanks Another Kiwi! It's certainly been a great weekend here. I think a few more diligent people I know have been out in their gardens- but I have been walkabout with my camera in the sunshine!

  2. As your Spring blooms, our Fall is coming fast. Just arrived home last night from Cape Cod and the trees seemed to have taken on their full colours in the little week we were gone!


    1. Lyne has also said that her autumn colours are splendid at present.